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Engineering in the Community

This section lists all current and futureĀ projects of Muslim Engineers' Network. Explore the various key areas we are involved in. If you would like to contribute towards our work, please contact us.

Job Openings

Through our wide network of members, we communicate job openings to members who are looking to enter industry or move jobs. Our mentors would be happy to go through your CV or even arrange a quick chat to help you prepare for applications, assessment centres and interviews.

Networking Dinners

In order for our membership to have the best of chance of networking, we hold regular dinners, where we invite keynote speakers to deliver talks on topics that are fundamental to our network. These dinners are an excellent opportunity for making contacts both on an individual basis, and on family terms with fellow Muslim engineers. These unique events are a must-attend for all Muslim engineers in the UK.

Professional seminars

These include workshops to enhance and refine skills necessary for the workplace; be it leadership, teamwork, time management to name a few. We also organise seminars on current industry trends so as to keep you aware of the latest developments and help you make better career decisions.

Monthly Newsletter

To stay connected with each other, a monthly newsletter is sent out to all members on the mailing list. The newsletter features interesting discoveries in science and engineering, Islamic events, challenges in the workplace, articles and the latest activities of Muslim Engineersā€™ Network.

Outreach Programs in Colleges and Schools

One of our fundamental aims is to encourage engineering at grass root levels. We provide important presentations to the young students in schools to help them make smart decisions. We also provide well-rounded career advice to both high school and college students.

Collaboration with University ISOCs

University level engineering students are a key part of Muslim Engineers' Network. We hold various lectures and seminars through universities as well as through Islamic Societies within them. We help young engineers that are about to graduate, take their first steps into the professional industry. We offer support and advice for such engineers, which develop into mentoring schemes further down the line.

In Partnership with our affiliations

We are constantly looking to partner with like-minded organisation so as to reach out to larger audiences. Watch this space for more information on affiliates.

CV Advice Service

Your CV is the most important tool for you to secure your next role. Muslim Engineers' Network are delighted to offer this online CV advice service to current and aspiring engineers. If you want your CV to be reviewed by an experienced panel of engineers that recruit on a daily basis, upload your CV to our website here. This service is open to all engineering disciplines.