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Networking Dinner 30.08.2014

We had a very large turnout for our 2nd Networking Dinner of 2014 Alhamdulillah. Muslim engineers from across the country participated and made it a memorable occasion. We achieved all of our objectives listed below:

  1. Provide a Networking opportunity for Muslim engineers
  2. Highlight our contribution and role in society as Muslim engineers
  3. Discuss future projects of the Muslim Engineers’ Network

We had excellent ice breaker and networking sessions, ensuring people exchanged numbers and really got to know one another on a personal level. As per the feedback, engineers found there was a very comfortable and approachable atmosphere, which made the networking easier.

Our first guest speaker was Dr Shuja Shafi, the Secretary General for Muslim Council of Britain, who spoke on the current state of social issues for Muslims across Britain.

This was followed by a motivating speech by brother Hamza Tzortzis, who highlighted how to carry out our Islamic responsibilities as Muslim engineers in the UK.

We then had a very entertaining talk by Professor Mujtaba on instilling Islamic ethos into engineering.

The talks were broken down with various networking activities and Prayer breaks.

Flick through some of the photos above from the Networking Dinner.

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