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Networking Dinner 29.03.2014

A family networking dinner was held at the end of March 2014 in Slough. Engineers from across the country participated, some with their families. It proved to be a great success Alhamdulillah.

There were two key aims of the event. Firstly, to provide a networking opportunity to Muslim engineers in the UK to interact with each other and find out about the latest companies’ news and projects. We had a great networking session, where people got on with each other in a comfortable environment.

The second aim of the event was to highlight the role Muslim professionals, more specifically, engineers can play in the betterment of the Muslim community and society at large. To this end, Yusuf Chambers was invited to speak to highlight some key points.

A delicious meal was served towards the end of the event.

The event was concluded with open space networking, where engineers had a chance to speak to other engineers that they had ear-marked in the earlier introductory networking session.

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