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Facilities at Companies

As part of the Muslim Engineers' Network initiative to unite the Muslims in industry, we are providing information on Muslim facilities at various companies. For most companies there is also a Muslim Engineers' Network representative.

If any company has been missed out, and/or should you wish to become a Muslim Engineers' Network representative at your company, please use the 'Contact Us' form to inform us. This content will be updated regularly to ensure all information is accurate.

This section provides details on prayer rooms, Halal places to eat and any other related points. The following list is not exhaustive. Please contact us if you require information on a company not mentioned in this section.

Muslims facilities include a large prayer room, where normal prayers and Salaat-Al-Jumm'a is performed. KBR also provides special toilet and wudhu facilities for Muslims.
A new canteen has been built where Halal food is provided.

Representative: Hannah Rana

UOP Limited

Please contact our representative for a place to pray. UOP canteen normally serves halal meat by default but always ask the canteen staff. Nearest place for Friday prayers is at Surrey University (organized by the ISOC). Closest mosques are in Woking.

Representative: Javed Hason


No prayer room, wudhu or toilet facilities.Prayer is performed on an empty floor.
Jumma prayer is done at Basingstoke Mosque, which is in the nearby vicinity.

Representative: Iftikar Ahmed
AMEC provides Prayer rooms in both buildings in Old Street (London).
Representative: Salim Ahmed (London) and Mohammed Haque (Manchester)

One of two prayer rooms available, one in building 140, 2nd Floor. Another in building 150, ground floor.
Salaat-Al-Jumm'a performed in building 150 prayer room.

OSL Consulting

Prayer room is available upon request. Jum’ah prayers held in local Mosques in the town centre on a 15 minute drive.
Various Halal takeaways available on Princes Avenue/Newlands Avenue/Spring Bank.

Representative: Abdullah Khan

Worley Parsons


Muslim facilities provided as expected from a Muslim country.

Representative: Rizwan Ijaz


There are no specific facilities for Muslims at Petrofac, however, there is a mosque which is a 5-10min walk away from the Offices for those brothers wanting to pray.
There are also halal shops nearby the offices.

Representative: Luqman Kayani

Bechtel has a small prayer room. On the 6th floor there are toilet facilities and wudhu can be performed.
Jumma prayer is performed at the nearest mosque, a 15 – 20 minute journey by underground.

Representative: Shadab Syed

JP Kenny

West London
There are no prayer facilities for Muslims at the moment. For Salaat-Al-Jumm'a, prayer is at either one of two nearby locations. nearest permanent Mosque is in Hounslow.
Everyday prayers can be performed in one of the meeting rooms given it is available,

Representative: Ifzaal Waheed

Worley Parsons

Salaah performed in any empty room. Salaatul Jumm'a performed at local Mosque.

Foster Wheeler


Muslim facilities include a big prayer room with dedicated wudhu facilities and toilet facilities. Salaat-Al-Jumm'a can be performed in the prayer room.
Canteen provides Halal food

Represenative: Farooq Banaras



Facilities at this company will be updated shortly

Representative: Hassan Joudi



Everyday Prayers can be performed in the empty offices in the Wilton Centre. Salaat-Al-Jumm'a can be prayed in one of the various mosques in Middlesbrough town centre.
Numerous Halal takeaway and restaurants near the town centre, specifically on Linthorpe Road.

There is a Masjid 5 minutes walk from the office. There is also a quite room which is used as a prayer room in the office building.
There are also a number of halal places that serve food in the nearby vicinity.

Engineering Safety Consultants

London (Wimbledon)
The conference room can be used for Salaah throughout the year. There is also Wimbledon Mosque nearby which is where Jummah and Dhur is usually prayed.
Around the corner from the office there is one Halal takeaway shop, as well as supermarkets.
The London office is within a few minutes walking distance from Wimbledon tube station.
Representative: Mohammed Basil Bhaimia

Salah facilities on 1st floor mezzanine in main Holywell building.
For Jum'ah and other Salaah - there is a masjid on King Street in town and there are arrangements at Loughborough University prayer room in the EHB.
There are several halal places to eat from located in the town centre.

Representative: Ameer Jasat