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“Connecting Engineers and providing a platform to help themselves and the Muslim Community, thereby instilling responsibility, encouraging engineering at grass root levels and focusing their skills to further Muslim interests.”

Muslim Engineers’ Network is a body of professional engineers seeking to create a platform to share ideas, ambitions and values.


The Muslim Engineers’ Network was officially established in 2007. It began at Foster Wheeler Limited where a few engineers created the Foster Wheeler Islamic Society (FWIS). The FWIS then started organising social events for Muslim Engineers in Foster Wheeler. After the first dinner, FWIS reached out to Muslim engineers in other Oil and Gas companies. As the network of engineers expanded to encompass various disciplines, FWIS was renamed Muslim Engineers’ Network.

Current Membership

Since its inception, it has grown to be a platform not solely for qualified engineers but also student engineers and families of engineers. Muslim Engineers’ Network has a membership of over 450 engineers across the UK in various disciplines.

  • Process (Chemical) Engineers
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Control & Instrument
  • Piping
  • Flow Assurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Systems
  • Civil
  • Project
  • Metallurgy (Materials)
  • Aerospace & Aeronautical
  • Subsea
  • IT
Our Objectives

As Muslims and professionals (Alhamdulillah), we have a responsibility to use our skills for the betterment of the Muslim community. This is the fundamental reason for the creation of Muslim Engineers’ Network and continues to be the ethos of the organisation. Explore our key objectives below

Providing a platform for current professional and aspiring engineers, university professors & lecturers to network and build contacts

Share training & job opportunities with member engineers to help them secure rewarding careers. Provide support for young graduate engineers to help enter industry & gain chartership

Increase the technical prowess and know-how of current professional and student members

Analyse the future of engineering industries in order to make better informed career decisions and collective strategies that enhance Muslim communities

Understand the Islamic contribution to Engineering and Science throughout history. Celebrate Modern day engineering achievements of Muslim Engineers

Encourage Muslim engineers to excel in engineering and drive new technological developments & advances

Encourage Muslim engineers to become leaders in their industry and pivotal policy makers. Inspire current professionals to engineer with an Islamic ethos, keeping in mind the general welfare of the Muslim Community

Work with Islamic Societies at Universities to engage with young undergraduate Muslim Engineers

Encourage engineering at grass root levels by working in partnership with colleges and schools. Provide support and career advice to young hopeful engineers to make well-informed decisions

Provide a platform for the families of Muslim engineers to network and build connections

Affiliate with like-minded professional organisations so as to enhance the skill set that members can draw upon.

Message from the Committee

We welcome you to the Muslim Engineers’ Network website designed to support Muslim Engineers across all industry sectors. As professional engineers ourselves, we found the Muslim Engineers’ Network an excellent and rewarding project to embark upon. With increasing number of Muslims entering the field of engineering, the need for a body that links Muslims in different companies and sectors is vital to the prosperity of the Muslim community.

Through this organisation we hope to achieve the objectives set out above. We believe that we are more equipped to do so collectively rather than individually purely because of the wide ranging ability, knowledge and creativity that each member brings with them. There are several ways that you can get involved: participate in projects & events, contribute technical material, participate and lead seminars, communicate job openings, advertise the organisation at local masjids, attend networking dinners and so much more!

As always, there will be things overlooked by us and that’s where we count on our members to alert us to these issues and suggest solutions. We will, inshaAllah leave no stone unturned to bring facilities to you and to make this a beneficial organisation. All that is good that comes out of this organisation is from Allah swt and all shortcomings are our own.

We look forward to hearing from you.

The Muslim Engineers’ Network Committee